Content Rules

Last updated: July 3, 2024

1. Publishing Content

We rely on an auto moderation system (AI) and Yodayo content police (humans) to detect sensitive artwork, image models/spells and characters

  • Content Rating: All content on the platform will be marked as PG, PG13, R, X and XXX by the system. Certain content may be forwarded to our human staff to screen for potentially problematic/illegal content. If you believe a mistake was made in the classification of your content, you may appeal it by self-reporting it and writing in the notes or sending an email to [email protected] with links to your content.
Classification LevelContent
PGSafe content
PG-13Slightly revealing clothing/attire, light violence and gore, generally suggestive
RExposing too much skin, underwear showing, violence and death
XExplicit objects and settings
XXXMature/disturbing content
  • The human staff will then review the flagged content to approve it and classify it into the correct rating category or remove the content according to our guidelines. Once your content is approved, it will be successfully published. Depending on the sensitivity of your content, it may have Limited Visibility across the platform.
  • Content labeled 'BANNED': For a portion of artwork published on the platform, the AI moderator may detect Content Rule violations outright and flag it for removal. Once flagged, such content will be reviewed by our human staff who will then approve or remove it in accordance with our guidelines. If you believe a mistake was made, you can use the 'appeal' option on the artwork detail page to request human review.

2. Limited Visibility for Sensitive Content (R, X and XXX)

Users can opt-in for R rated content but any other content with X and XXX ratings will have limited visibility across the platform.

  • Sensitivity toggle: For website users with the toggle "Show Sensitive Content" turned off, X and XXX content will not be visible on any part of the site (including the search results, or any of the content feeds). Only R rated content will be visible across the platform with the sensitive toggle on.

Please note, these ratings apply to any content including the art, tavern characters and models/spells. Models/Spells with X and XXX rating will be hidden.

3. Publishing Sensitive User Profile and Banner Images

We do not allow any images that contain nudity for profile and cover pictures, these images will be removed and replaced with our default images if they fall under X or XXX rating.

  • **Review period of sensitive profile and banner images: **When we detect a sensitive image on your profile whether it’s the profile picture and/or the banner picture, we will notify you to update it.
  • Profile/Banner image removed: Our moderators will remove the image if it is not updated within 48 hours. Republishing it may result in suspension of your account.

4. Uploading Model/Spells Cover Images

We do not allow X and XXX rated cover images for any published model or spells. If your model cover image contains sensitive themes, please replace it directly in 'edit model'.

  • Review period for model covers: If your model or spell visuals have X and XXX ratings, the visuals will be removed. If you believe a mistake has been made, please email us at [email protected] with the model link for review..
  • If your model/spell cover image is removed, users can still search for the model/spell by name and use it for image generations.

5. Banned Content

The following types of content whether it is fictional, in anime and realistic style or otherwise is strictly prohibited on Yodayo and will result in account termination.

  • Suggestive content portraying minors (more on this in Section 7)
  • Beastiality
  • Nonconsensual (rape), and incest (unless they are apart of the larger backstory/plot with artistic value for tavern characters, any artwork with such context are not allowed)
  • Filthy, or disgusting words or pictures
  • Deepfakes of the celebrities whether created with or without the use of AI
  • Animal cruelty or abuse in any shape or form - presenting, advocating, or promoting
  • Services, conversations, products that promote hate, violence, discrimination, terrorism, harassment, or abuse of any kind
  • Self-harm or suicide

Tavern Characters

Please note, these guidelines also apply to content uploaded for Tavern Characters, including but not limited to the visual imagery associated with the characters.

Additionally, the following types of content are prohibited concerning Tavern characters:

  • Underage characters in suggestive/explicit sexual context
  • Images of IRL people: Creating characters of IRL celebrities in general. Any realistic images must be AI generated

6. Generating Sensitive Content in Realistic Style

  • This means that if you use a realistic model with your task, you will not be able to submit a prompt containing sensitive tags. Anime models are allowed to have sensitive tags.
  • Please note that NSFW prompts will also be restricted for some anime image models that produce a 2.5D art style

7. Generating or Uploading Content Portraying Minors

Depicting Minors (that are fictional, in anime and realistic style or otherwise): Any portrayal of minors in inappropriate or suggestive contexts is strictly prohibited on Yodayo and will result in account termination.

  • Portraying minors in any inappropriate, extreme violence or suggestive context is strictly prohibited.
  • Clothing: All attire depicted on minors must be age-appropriate and conservative. Avoid suggestive or overly revealing clothing styles.
  • Photorealism: Suggestive images that could be mistaken for real minors are strictly prohibited.
  • Poses: Poses should be natural, innocent, and age-appropriate.
  • Interactions: Interactions between minors and between minors and adults must be appropriate and non-sexual.

Tavern Characters

Please note, these guidelines also apply to content uploaded for Tavern Characters, including but not limited to the visual imagery associated with the characters.

Some exemptions:

  • **Loli/Shota Characters: **These characters are prohibited when portrayed in suggestive and sexual context.
  • Lolicon/Shotacon Characters in SFW context: When the Tavern character itself is adult (18+) but the user is meant to roleplay as an underage character within the chat is allowed as long as it is in a non-sexual context.
  • Minor characters are allowed when:
    • They are part of a non-suggestive SFW Tavern character that is with an adult (mother and baby, sister and baby, etc.).
      • Please note, this does not apply when a photorealistic image is used for the character as photorealistic images or minors are prohibited. (see above under Section 7).
    • The minor character isn’t the main plot point of the character, meaning it’s fine when it’s a plot point. However, there can’t be an implication that the minor character is involved in suggestive NSFW activity.

8. Appeal

  • For any content that has been removed for Content Rules violation by the moderators, users are allowed to request an appeal.
  • To appeal for an artwork, Tavern character, or model, please send an email to [email protected] with all the relevant information such as links to your content. Our moderators will review the current content labels and make adjustments when necessary.

9. Report

  • Users are encouraged to report any content on Yodayo that violates our policies and guidelines, especially with content concerning minors.
  • A "Report" button is available on all posts, models, and Tavern character details page(s), and users can also contact moderators on the Discord server as well as via email to [email protected].

10. Account Termination for Violations

  • Accounts that violate our community content guidelines or attempt to bypass our content moderation will be terminated. The account's data will be permanently unrecoverable.

11. Questions or Feedback

  • If you have any doubts, please contact the moderation team with your questions or concerns before posting.
  • We welcome feedback and suggestions for changes to the content guidelines at any time. Feel free to reach out to Yodayo at any given time.